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Rules for defining freight weight are simplified: Freight weight criteria for groupage shipments will be updated 1. February 2021

Posti Freight Services updates freight weight criteria starting from 1. February 2021. The reform only applies to Posti Freight and does not cause changes to customers' current price lists. The new calculation model is based only on measurable things.

The objectives of the reform are to simplify freight pricing and remove interpretations. The update to Freight weight criteria makes it easier to order shipments and reduces complexity, because the Freight Weight of a shipment can be calculated reliably and correctly at the time of ordering.

What are Freight weight and Freight weight criteria?

Freight price is usually based on the Freight weight and distance. Freight weight describes the space occupied by the colli from the cargo space. It is determined by the actual weight, cubic meters and loading meters of the colli. A colli is a freight transportation unit, for example a pallet, package or cage. Freight weight criteria are used to find out, when actual, cubic or loading weight is used.

In the revised model, Freight weight criteria are affected by:

  1. Colli dimensions

  2. Colli weight

  3. whether the colli is loaded on a machine-movable pallet

  4. whether top-loading of colli is prohibited

Freight Weight ABC, 1. February 2021

Product terms - Freight Services, 1. February 2021

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