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Receiving mail during the summer holidays

Mail is delivered during summer as well, whether you are at a cabin, traveling or working remotely. We recommend ordering delivery changes for the holiday season well in advance.

Your mail can be forwarded or placed on hold

Mail delivered to your mailbox or mail slot by Posti can be forwarded to a different address or placed on hold for the duration of your holiday. Forwarding does not apply to early morning newspapers, and their delivery can be separately arranged with your newspaper’s customer support.

If you often spend time in two separate addresses, you can give Posti a parallel address.

You can make receiving mail at a cabin easier by agreeing on the location of your cabin’s mailbox with Posti, using the Nearby Mailbox service.

You can find more information about holiday mail delivery on our website. Please note that the services do not apply to parcels, except for small parcels that are delivered directly to your mailbox or mail slot.

Parcels are delivered to your chosen pickup point

Parcels will always be primarily delivered to the pickup point you choose at a webstore checkout. If you forward your mail or place it on hold, the service does not impact on how we deliver your parcels.

We recommend that you turn off the My Pickup Point service in OmaPosti’s settings if you are spending your holidays at a different town. When the service is off, parcels are delivered based on the parcel’s address label.