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Change in how phone numbers are displayed on Posti’s address labels

To improve the privacy of our customers, the recipient’s phone number will no longer be printed on the address labels of parcels and letters that are delivered to a service point. The recipient’s phone number will continue to be printed on the address labels of home delivery parcels so that the driver can contact the recipient if needed. The change will be made to Posti’s sending systems this fall. For SmartShip and Unifaun Online users, the change already came into effect in the summer. We also recommend business customers that use their own system to remove the phone number from the address labels of items that will be delivered to a service point. However, it’s important that the recipient’s phone number is always included in the item’s electronic information (EDI message). In the future, the phone number will not be printed on the address label in the following services:

  • Postal Parcel

  • Small Parcel

  • Self-service Parcel XXS

  • Return

  • Cash on Delivery Letter

  • Registered Letter

  • Insured Letter

  • Letter with Advice of Delivery

  • Specimen Item

The phone number will only be printed on the address label of an S–XXL Plus Self-service Parcel if the item includes the Doorstep additional service.