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Parcel Connect to Sweden and Denmark will be terminated on September 30, 2022

Posti is ending its Parcel Connect service for corporate clients to Sweden and Denmark on the 30th of September 2022. The service will be replaced by PickUp Parcel, which is also delivered to pick-up points in both countries.

Parcel Connect returns will also be terminated in Sweden and Denmark on the 30th of September. They will be replaced by a new service, Customer Return.

PickUp Parcel is one of Posti’s new services launched in the beginning of 2022 to provide Finnish companies with diverse delivery solutions in Sweden and Denmark. In addition to PickUp Parcel, Posti launched new home delivery services Home Parcel and Home Pallet, as well as customer return services.

The change will impact Posti’s corporate clients who are currently sending parcels to consumers in Sweden or Denmark. These customers need to start using the new services, PickUp Parcel and Customer Return. If a company is sending to Sweden or Denmark, the new services are automatically included in their contract.

Starting on September 30, parcels sent with Parcel Connect will not be delivered and will be returned to the sender instead.