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Paper waybills will not be used after February 1, 2023 as a part of our commitment to digitalizing the transport chain

We have been working on the digitalization of our transport chains for a long time, and it has been our goal to improve our service and item trackability. Our next step will be waving all paper waybills starting February 1, 2023.

Unique package ID required in all transport units

In the future, all transport units must be equipped with a unique package ID and the same information must be indicated on the order. This can be ensured by placing the order and printing the transport documents in OmaPosti Pro or Posti SmartShip.

We need unique package IDs to track and direct each transport unit in every shipment on our digital systems. If a unique package ID has not been added, we will do so and charge a service fee for the service as of January 1, 2023.

Correct data, measurements, and supplementary services for each item

The information indicated in the shipments is used as the basis of our daily route planning. Therefore, we need the correct address information, measurements and weight for each item, and the other information of the shipments, as this will help us to ensure the information is correct for each order.

We will also measure items and take photographs of them during the chain of transport to ensure correct dimension information. We will charge a service fee for correcting incorrect measurements and other order information.

Digitalization improves trackability and quality

Item tracking and solving any issues related to shipments will become easier with the help of digitalization. Digital stamps through the transport chain help us provide more information on any unexpected situations. This will also make it easier to plan shipments and further improve delivery accuracy.

We will receive more specific information during transport and will be able to share it with you. You can monitor both single shipments as well as the big picture of your logistics. The correct measurements will also make it possible for invoicing to be more accurate: you will only pay for what you send.

Transportation made more efficient and environmentally friendly

We have introduced new planning systems and invested in route planning. To ensure efficiency, we will plan the delivery routes by volume each day and improve our linehaul using electronic models.

We are seeking to achieve zero emissions by 2030. We are constantly making major investments in new fleet. Transport routes must be planned for maximum efficiency: our goal is to drive as little as possible, and we will need accurate information on the shipments to do so. The digitalization of the transport chain will also help us to become paperless, which is an environmentally friendly solution.