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Gifts arriving from outside the EU can be cleared in the OmaPosti app starting October 17

If you receive a gift from outside the EU, you can clear it in the OmaPosti app starting October 17. The change will be implemented before the holiday season, which will make clearing seasonal gifts easier. Before, customs clearance for gifts has only been available in Tulli’s service at

All items arriving from outside the EU need to be cleared, regardless of their value. In the clearance, you inform Customs of the content of the shipment and, if necessary, pay value-added tax and customs duties.

A gift is sent from one private person to another

You can already clear items like online store purchases from outside the EU in OmaPosti. Now gifts will also be added to the service.

A gift is defined in customs clearance the following way:

  • A gift is sent by a private person, not a company.

  • A gift cannot contain alcohol or tobacco products, or restricted goods.

  • You do not pay for the gift, not even for its shipping.

  • A gift is meant for you or your immediate family’s personal, not commercial, use.

  • You only receive gifts occasionally.

You can read more about gifts and restricted goods on Tulli’s website.

A gift can be cleared in OmaPosti or Tulli

In the future, you can choose whether you want to clear a gift in OmaPosti or Tulli.

You can clear a gift in OmaPosti when its value is less than 150€. If the value of the gift is more than 45€, you need to pay value-added tax. You also need to pay a 0.90€ service fee for all clearances.

A gift of any value can be cleared in Tulli’s service. If the value of the gift is over 45€, you need to pay both value-added tax and Posti’s handling fee of 2.90€.

The content and value of a gift need to be declared

You need the content and value of the gift for the customs clearance. If you do not know the content or the value, ask the sender for this information beforehand. If the gift is handmade, ask the sender for an estimate of its value. The value could be the selling price of the gift in the sender’s country.

You can clear the gift after you have received notice from Posti that the gift is on its way to you.

In OmaPosti, you can do the clearance before the item has reached its destination country. In Tulli’s service, you can do the clearance only after it has arrived in the country.