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Freight peak season about to start

The peak season for the freight industry is almost here and the volume of goods flowing through Posti’s network keeps increasing. We want to ensure reliable and high-quality freight deliveries for our customers’ shipments, now and in the coming months. Together with our customers, we have been preparing for the increasing volumes more comprehensively than before.

Carefully filled-out transport documents and properly packed and marked packages pass smoothly through our process. Delays are avoided when there is no need to clarify missing or incomplete information during transport. So, ensure smooth transport and refresh your memory by going through our instructions.

We also recommend using the self-service channels for contract customers, OmaPosti Pro and SmartShip, with which you can send freight easily and reliably. With the tools, you can print all the necessary transport documents and your shipment’s information will be digitally available to us. Contract customers can track their shipments through Posti Dashboard. All instructions, tools and news related to the peak season can be found here:

The Freight Corporate Customer Service serves and helps you by telephone at +358 100 3311 (Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–4 p.m.) or via the business customer chat service.