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Posti to hire 2,500 employees for the Christmas season

Posti normally hires a large number of employees for the Christmas period, and this year is no exception, with approximately 2,500 employees being hired around Finland. Christmas employees are needed for production tasks, such as delivery and sorting, as well as temporary pickup points.

The sharp rise in online sales has increased the number of parcels delivered by Posti, and Christmas cards are still very much a Christmas tradition for millions of Finns.

“The volume of deliveries multiplies at the end of the year, and the contribution of our Christmas employees is really important to us. All Posti employees want to help make sure that our customers’ Christmas preparations go smoothly and that Christmas joy is spread everywhere in Finland,” says Posti’s Jarmo Ainasoja.

“As usual, we will increase the number of our parcel lockers this year and establish temporary pickup points around the country to ensure the smooth delivery of parcels this Christmas, which we expect to be the busiest of all time. As a rule, we’ll place our temporary pickup points near our already popular pickup points,” Ainasoja continues.

Peak season work is popular, especially among students, as the work shifts are very flexible. Depending on the task, there are morning, day and evening shifts as well as weekend work available in November and December.

For many young people, Posti is the first employer and Christmas work is a tradition they want to revisit year after year.

Recruitment has already partially started and there will be more openings during October. If you want to take a look at Posti’s Christmas job openings and tasks around Finland, go to