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Changes related to Posti’s services in the Oulu region

Posti's services in the Oulu region will change in early 2022. Due to changes in the service points maintained by our partners, some of Oulu's outlets offering personal service will close. As a result, Posti will open three new Posti Parcel Lockers and two outlets offering personal service in the Oulu region early next year. “Our goal is that Oulu residents can get their parcels delivered close to them and easily, even if changes sometimes take place in our service network. Currently, customers’ postal service needs are usually related to the sending and receiving of parcels, which is where we will try to provide versatile solutions,” explains Area Manager Sauli Metsävirta. The changes will not have an effect on the customers’ mail addresses or mail delivery. Local residents will receive letters containing more detailed information about the changes in the coming weeks. Posti’s Retail Network in Oulu currently consists of 70 service points. There are public Posti Parcel Lockers at 55 outlets, one of which is the largest Parcel Locker in Northern Finland, which opened in Ideapark Oulu in August 2021. Private Posti Parcel Lockers can be found in housing companies and on the premises of businesses. There are two corporate service points in Oulu for dropping off prepaid letters and parcels. They are located at the following addresses: Takalaanilantie 2, 90600 Oulu and Alasintie 7, 90400 Oulu. The locations of all Posti service points are available at New service points opened in January–February On Monday, January 17, Posti will open a new service point in K-Supermarket Oulunsalo (Karhuojantie 2). You can pick up parcels or drop off prepaid parcels at the pickup point managed by our partner. Full postal services are also available at the R-kioski Kaakkuri outlet (Metsokankaantie 3) from 20 January onward. On Tuesday, February 2, a new Posti outlet will be opened in K-Citymarket Rusko (Laakeritie 4). The new outlet will serve private and business customers while offering all services, i.e. sending and picking up parcels and postal items, as well as stamps, mailing supplies and packaging supplies. Posti's outlet offering personal service at S-Market Tuira (Valtatie 28) will serve until Tuesday, January 11, 2 p.m. Posti's outlet at Sale Tupos (Valtatie 14) will serve until Tuesday, January 18, 2 p.m. From Wednesday, 19 January, the postal services in Tupos will be available at the K-Supermarket Liminganportti outlet (Pitkäkoskentie 15). Posti’s outlet in S-Market Oulunsalo will serve until Wednesday, January 19, 2 p.m. Posti’s mailboxes and the sale of postage stamps will remain with the stores. Posti Parcel Lockers will also be opened at the stores for sending and receiving parcels.