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Changes in the prices of international parcel services from May 3

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly reduced international flight freight capacity, which has led to increasing cost levels in international transport. The prices of air freight have doubled or tripled compared to the pre-pandemic period. As a result of the air freight transport costs, we had to revise our international parcel service prices. Parcels can be sent abroad through Posti as postal parcels or Express parcels delivered to the doorstep. Sending a parcel is more affordable as self-service, in other words, by sending it with the OmaPosti application or online. The price of a parcel sent abroad depends on the tariff zone of the destination country and the size (when using self-service) or weight (when sent from a Posti service point) of the parcel. We are revising our international parcel service prices as follows: 3.5.2021 onward

  • The prices of international Postal Parcels and Express Parcels are increasing for payment zones 3 and 4, which mainly include countries outside the EU. For example, the price of Postal Parcel M will increase by EUR 5, whereas S Plus and L parcels will increase by EUR 10 when buying via OmaPosti or online.

  • The price change does not apply to zones 1 and 2, which include EU countries and the UK. You can drop off a pre-paid parcel at any of Posti’s 2,150 Parcel Lockers or 800 personal service points.

Despite reduced air freight capacity, we have managed to open a significant number of foreign destinations that have been cut off. These include, for example, Australia and New Zealand. More information about sending parcels abroad.