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General cost increases influence the stamp prices

The prices of Posti’s Mail Services paid in cash will change on September 29, 2022. Mail Services paid in cash include, for example, domestic and international letters that are paid by stamps and included in universal service.

Finnish consumers spend, on average, less than EUR 20 per year on sending letters. For the average Finnish consumer, the price adjustment means an increase of less than EUR 2 in a year.

Currently, households only receive an item with a postage stamp on average once every three weeks

Inflation has continued to rise and this will have a significant impact on our costs. We have implemented many changes in our operations to curb the cost pressures.

In the 2000s, the number of letters has fallen by almost 70% as a result of digital communications. The volume of addressed letters decreased by 8% in 2021. The number of letters sent by consumers decreased even more, by significantly more than 10%. This downward trend in the volume of printed mail is not about to stop. If the current pace of decline continues, the volume of letters is estimated to drop by as much as 50% from its current level in the following years.

Posti’s operations are financed by service charges paid by customers, and the company is not subsidized by the State.

These increases will ensure mail delivery as a universal service throughout the country.

“A genuine letter and card are still highly meaningful, and so there will be a demand for them for a long time to come. That being said, we will have to raise prices so that the postage fees cover the constantly growing costs,” says Sami Määttä who is in charge of consumer letter operations at Posti.

Domestic letters are divided into four weight classes according to the weight in grams. The price of a domestic card or letter weighing no more than 50 g will be EUR 2.10 as of September 29, 2022 (EUR +0.15).

The price of an international postcard or letter weighing no more than 20 g will be EUR 2.25 in Priority class (EUR +0.20) and EUR 2.10 in Economy class (EUR + 0.15).

The price of the Christmas stamp will be EUR 1.40 as previously announced.

All domestic weight classes will be priced in multiples of the no-value indicator stamp’s price. In the lightest class (1–50 g), the postage of a letter or postcard equals one no-value indicator stamp; in the next weight class (51–250 g), the postage equals two no-value indicator stamps; and in the third weight class (251–1,000 g) the postage equals four no-value indicator stamps. In the heaviest weight class (up to 2 kg), the postage equals six no-value indicator stamps.

All domestic and international no-value indicator stamps bought before the price increase will be accepted without additional stamps after the price increase. Old 1st and 2nd class no-value indicator stamps can still be used. Their value equals the domestic no-value indicator stamp and will be EUR 2.10 as of September 29, 2022.

The new fees for all mail services are available in the price list on Posti’s website at

Stamps are available at about 3,000 sales points or via Posti’s online shop at