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The technical problem at the Helsinki postal center is being fixed in several ways, some of the mail delivered with the daily mail is still delayed in Helsinki

The disturbance is limited to the postal code areas in Helsinki mentioned below and affects only a small part of the shipments. Corrective actions to resolve the situation continue. Products that otherwise do not go through mechanical sorting in the normal way are picked up in a Posti envelope to be sent to the recipient. This reduces the delay caused by a technical glitch. Delays are currently 2-7 days.

A technical malfunction of the sorting machine is completely exceptional. The Posti envelope used for picked-up shipments is a temporary and normally intended for change of address situations, ready-made in our warehouse. The address verification message on the envelope does not apply to the recipient's shipments and does not require the recipient to take any action.

The delay affects only a small part of the postal shipments. They are letters, advertisements, magazines, newspapers distributed with the daily mail or and small parcels that accompany daily mail and fit in a mailbox or door, which do not pass through the mechanical sorting in the normal way. Their digital address information must be verified before they go out for distribution. The delay does not apply to the early morning distribution of newspapers or the distribution of parcels or other postal services.

Some postal shipments are delayed in the following postal code areas of Helsinki:

00180, 00200, 00210, 00220, 00240, 00310, 00320, 00400, 00600, 00610, 00620, 00630, 00640, 00650, 00660, 00670, 00680, 00690, 00700, 00710, 00720, 00730, 00740, 00750, 00760, 00770, 00780, 00790, 00890, 00900, 00920, 00940, 00950, 00960, 00970, 00980, 00990.

About 80% of all paper mail in Finland is sorted at the Helsinki postal center. If there is a disturbance in one of the sorting centers, some of the items in the area can be sorted in other sorting centers of Posti, e.g. In Tampere, Kuopio, or Oulu.

We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience to our customers.