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Technical disruption at the Helsinki postal center continues to cause delays

There is a disruption in Helsinki postal center’s technology related to the sorting of printed mail, i.e. letters, magazines, newspapers and advertisements. The disruption is limited to certain postal code areas in Helsinki. Most of the causes have been fixed, but some are still being corrected.

This persistent disruption concerns deliveries that do not pass through the mechanical sorting system normally, but whose digital address information need to be verified before they are delivered to the recipients by deliverers. Delays are currently 2-7 days.

There are regional delays in the course of daily mail, which apply to the Helsinki postcode areas: 00180, 00200, 00210, 00220, 00240, 00310, 00320, 00400, 00600, 00610, 00620, 00630, 00640, 00650, 00660, 00670, 00680, 00690, 00700, 00710, 00720, 00730, 00740, 00750, 00760, 00770, 00780, 00790, 00890, 00900, 00920, 00940, 00950, 00960, 00970, 00980, 00990.

We will report on the current situation next time on Tuesday 21 June.

The delay may apply to letters, newspapers distributed with daily mail, advertisements, and small parcels that accompany daily mail and fit in a mailbox or door. As a precaution, we have also extended the shelf life of parcels whose arrival is notified by mail. The delay does not apply to the early morning distribution of newspapers or the distribution of parcels or other postal services.

About 80% of all paper mail in Finland is sorted at the Helsinki postal center. If there is a disturbance in one of the sorting centers, some of the items in the area can be sorted in other sorting centers of Posti, e.g. In Tampere, Kuopio, or Oulu.

We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience to our customers.