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Posti apologizes for the delay in the delivery of printed mail – a malfunction in the sorting machine at the Helsinki postal center has caused delays in the area

There is a disruption in Helsinki postal center’s technology related to the sorting of printed mail, i.e. letters and magazines. The disruption is limited to certain postal code areas in Helsinki. Most of the causes have been fixed, but some are still being corrected.

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers. This persistent disruption concerns deliveries that do not pass through our mechanical sorting system normally, but whose digital address information we need to verify before they are delivered to the recipients by our deliverers,” says Sami Reponen, Posti’s Director of Postal Services Production.

Local delays in other areas of the country

There have been local delays in the delivery of letters, magazines and advertisements elsewhere in the country in recent months, but the situation has improved. These delays were caused by several major changes in the delivery schedule and mail sorting technology.

Sami Reponen emphasizes that, with the changes made, Posti wants to ensure that mail gets delivered in the future, even though the volume of printed mail is decreasing dramatically.

“These difficulties related to the change are unfortunate for everyone, but once the changes are implemented, we will be able to deliver shipments to mail slots and boxes in the coming years as well. Finns value deliveries made directly to their homes alongside digital services.”

The decrease in the volume of printed mail is due to changes in customer needs. Since the volume of mail also varies according to the needs of the sender, it requires Posti to adopt different delivery models.

“We have made big, simultaneous changes to the delivery schedule of printed deliveries and in sorting technology prior to delivery. There were unexpected complications in the coordination of the changes being made, which unfortunately were visible to our customers as delays,” says Reponen.

These incidents do not affect newspapers or parcels delivered by Posti.

“The workforce shortage in newspaper deliveries has eased and we can deliver newspapers normally in the morning.The popularity of e-commerce and the volume of parcels have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that our Parcel Lockers can sometimes be full. In such cases, the parcels have to be directed to somewhere other than the nearest locker, which might be inconvenient to customers. Less than 5% of the e-commerce parcels we delivered last week were delivered more than half a kilometer from the original pickup location,” says Reponen.

Posti releases announcements about disruptions on its website on a regular basis: Announcements and disruptions for private customers and businesses - Posti