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The alternate-day delivery of mail begins in Helsinki and the Tampere region on April 4

The alternate-day delivery of mail begins in Helsinki and the Tampere region on April 4

The launch of the alternate-day delivery of mail in Helsinki and in the postal code areas beginning with 33 in Tampere, Pirkkala, Ylöjärvi, Nokia and Lempäälä will begin on April 4.

There will be no changes in morning newspaper delivery; newspapers will still be delivered in the early-morning delivery seven days a week. Part of the day mail can also be delivered in the early-morning newspaper delivery. Mail will still be delivered seven days a week. However, not all products on each day but on the basis of the delivery schedule agreed with sender customers.

In the regional alternate-day delivery, mail is delivered by postal code pairs on alternate days.

In the picture: an example of the rhythm of the alternate-day delivery over a two-week period.

For instance, in week one, we will deliver day mail on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the 00180 postal code area and on Tuesday and Thursday in the 00220 postal code area. The following week, the delivery days are swapped. The rhythm will repeat in two-week phases.

Universal service items (stamped items) are delivered in accordance with the Postal Act. The alternate-day delivery does not apply to parcel deliveries.

Similar delivery models are used in all Nordic countries. In Finland, the alternate-day delivery is already in use in Espoo and Kauniainen, and from April 4, 2022, also in Helsinki and the Tampere region. The new mail delivery model helps to extend the lifecycle of printed mail so that Posti can continue to offer traditional services in addition to digital services.

In the alternate-day delivery, good planning of delivery routes and the new delivery fleet make it possible to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions even better. Posti is committed to achieving zero emissions by 2030. Posti’s zero emissions goal is in line with the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Agreement.

We will notify mail recipients of the start of the alternate-day delivery with a public notification delivered to homes.