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The winners of the congratulation stamp design competition have been decided

The five winning stamp designs were selected from no fewer than 570 design proposals submitted to the competition

In February–March, Posti held a stamp design competition together with Grafia and the Finnish Illustration Association. The competition attracted a lot of interest, and a record 570 entries were sent in by the deadline. From these, a jury of experts selected five winning stamp designs. The new congratulation stamps will be issued in spring 2022.

The winning stamp designs are Coffee and Cake by Tuomas Ikonen from Lemi, A Bouquet for You by Anna Kesäniemi from Helsinki, Together by Jenni Tuominen and Jukka Pylväs from Porvoo, Flower Delivery by Noora Katto from Tampere and Just Add Water by Nelli Ahosola from Lappeenranta. Of the winners, Anna Kesäniemi is a member of Grafia, and the other four are members of the Finnish Illustration Association. An honorable mention was given to Parade, a design proposal by Heidi Valkola from Helsinki.

The jury of six consisted of the Posti art committee and representatives appointed by Grafia and the Finnish Illustration Association. Posti will award a EUR 2,500 cash prize to each of the five winning entries.

“A surprisingly large number of entries were submitted to the design competition during the COVID-19 pandemic. Out of the 570 entries, we shortlisted 38 proposals, each of which had the potential to be a great stamp. The five winning stamp designs were selected at a jury meeting through ballots. We often find new potential stamp designers through competitions, and this time was no exception,” says Posti’s Design Manager Tommi Kantola, who acted as the chairman of the jury.

Read the judges’ evaluations of the winning stamp designs

The Finnish Illustration Association was represented on the jury by illustrator Matti Pikkujämsä, and Grafia was represented by designer and art director Katja Makkonen. They evaluated the winning entries as follows.

Coffee and Cake, Tuomas Ikonen

“A humorous, cheeky and energetic illustration without any pompousness. Coffee and cake are part of Finnish celebrations.”

A Bouquet for You, Anna Kesäniemi

“A classically beautiful and pleasantly calm stamp that has the feel of the 1970s. In addition to congratulatory messages, this stamp is also suitable for more serious messages.”

Together, Jenni Tuominen & Jukka Pylväs

“The visual play of this stamp catches the eye. Is there a hidden pattern in the birds? The stamp has great composition and use of space as well as modern coloring.”

Flower Delivery, Noora Katto

“The cats, whose facial expressions have been rendered very well, can also convey congratulations to younger recipients. An abundant and adorable stamp design that speaks to people of all ages.”

Just Add Water, Nelli Ahosola

“This stamp uses color and movement in an intense but controlled way. The design works fantastically in small size and is suitable for many kinds of congratulatory messages.”

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