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Postal services: Light Friday delivery to continue throughout the country

Light Friday delivery of letters, publications and advertisements, already familiar to mail recipients from a year ago, will continue.

For senders and recipients, the return to the Light Friday delivery will once again mean that items scheduled for Friday delivery (letters, some publications, advertisements) will be mainly delivered already on Thursday. The earlier deliveries are made possible by the fact that the lower Friday volume of mail can be sorted earlier. However, some items will not be delivered until Monday of the following week.

Delivered on Fridays:

  • Newspapers in early-morning delivery

  • Newspapers included in the Daytime Delivery and Long-Distance Delivery services

  • Letters and postcards with a Plus Sticker

  • Express letters

  • Parcels 

Light Friday delivery is the result of a permanent decrease in the volume of mail, which was greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic last year. Light Friday delivery was introduced in June 2020. Nowadays, a household will only receive 3.5 addressed items per week.