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Posti is helping to distribute the authorities' letter to citizens regarding the coronavirus

In part of the country, Posti is distributing the letter from the authorities for the citizens regarding the coronavirus. The letter is aimed at making sure that each citizen receives information about the coronavirus and how to prepare for it.

The government decided on March 12 to send an info package to the homes of all Finns as part of the effort to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. The letter was implemented by the National Institute for Health and Welfare together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

"In this crisis, the importance of cooperation between different actors has been highlighted even more than before. It is important for us here at Posti that we are also able to help fulfill our social responsibility in terms of this letter for Finnish citizens," says Posti's Sami Reponen.

Posti has already delivered the info packages in the Helsinki region. Next week, on Thursday, April 4, Posti will also deliver info packages in other parts of the country (map and more info here).