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Changes related to Posti's parcel services (UPDATED May 4, 2020)

Read about how Posti's prepared for the spread of the coronavirus

New temporary pickup points

Due to the exceptionally high volume of parcels, Posti has opened temporary pickup points.

  • Espoo: Kauppakeskus Espoontori (2nd floor), Kamreerintie 3, 02770 Espoo. Open Mon-Fri 10-20 and Sat 10-18.
  • Espoo: K-Market Latokaski, Kaskipiha 1, 02340 Espoo.Open during the store's opening hours.
  • Espoo: Kauppakeskus Galleria, Konstaapelinkatu 4, 02650 Espoo.Open Mon-Fri 10-20 and Sat 10-18.
  • Espoo: Viherlaakso, Kuusiniementie 8, 02710 Espoo.Open Mon-Fri 10-20 and Sat 10-20.
  • Helsinki: Kauppakeskus Kaari, (1st floor), Kantelettarentie 1, 00420 Helsinki. Open Mon-Fri 10-20 and Sat 10-18.
  • Helsinki: K-Market Kurkimäki, Kurjenkellonkuja 2, 00940 Helsinki. Open during the store's opening hours.
  • Helsinki: Kauppakeskus Ruoholahti, Itämerenkatu 21, 00180 Helsinki. Open Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat 10-20 and Sun 10-18.
  • Helsinki: Niemenmäentie 2, 00350 Helsinki.Open Mon-Fri 10-20 and Sat 10-18.
  • Helsinki: Yhdyskunnantie 11 (the former Hesy Animal Rescue Centre, Itä-Pakila), 00680 Helsinki. Open Mon-Fri 8-20 and Sat-Sun 12-20.
  • Hämeenlinna: Raatihuoneenkatu 13, 13100 Hämeenlinna. Open Mon-Fri 10-20 and Sat 10-18.
  • Jokela: Rautajokela, Kolsantie 2, 05400 Jokela. Open Mon-Fri 8-18 and Sat 9-15.
  • Järvenpää: Emalikukka Järvenpää, Emalitehtaankatu 2 (Valimokuja side), 04410 Järvenpää. Open Mon-Fri 10-20 and Sat 10-18.
  • Kangasala: Pirkan kirpputorikeskus, Mäkirinteentie 4, 36220 Kangasala. Open Mon-Fri 13-18.
  • Kerava: Kauppakeskus Karuselli, Kauppakaari 10, 04200 Kerava. Open Mon-Sat 8-20.
  • Oulu: K-Citymarket, Metsokankaantie 5, 90420 Oulu. Open Mon-Fri 10-19, Sat 10-17.
  • Oulu:Paraatikatu 8, 90670 Oulu.Open Mon-Fri 10-20 and Sat 10-18.
  • Söderkulla: Eriknäsintie 11, 01150 Söderkulla. Open Mon-Fri 10-20 and Sat 10-18.
  • Turku: Kupittaa Citymarket, Uudenmaantie 17, 20700 Turku. Open Mon-Fri 10-20 and Sat 10-18.
  • Tuusula: Hobbycenter, Moukarikuja 6 (the Puuilo building), 04300 Tuusula. Open Mon-Fri 10-18 and Sat 10-14.
  • Vaasa: Rosteninkatu 1, 65100 Vaasa. Open Mon-Fri 10-17.
  • Vantaa: K-Supermarket Hakunila, Laukkarinne 4, 01200 Vantaa.Open during the store's opening hours.
  • Vantaa: Kauppakeskus Myyrmanni (1st floor), Iskoskuja 3, 01600 Vantaa. Open Mon-Fri 10-20 and Sat 10-18.

The whole country

Taking into account the coronavirus-related restrictions on movement, Posti has extended the storage time of parcels in parcel lockers and Posti outlets from the previous 7 days to 21 days. The extended storage time will remain in force for the duration of the Emergency Powers Act. Posti wanted to make sure that the recipients will have time to retrieve their items despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the parcels are delivered within 2 days, especially in Greater Helsinki area, Southern Finland and the bigger cities.

Capital region

From time to time, we are forced to redirect parcels in the capital region to pickup points other than the pickup point closest to the customer. The reason for this is the greater-than-anticipated volume of parcels. The redirection measures are aimed at ensuring the smooth delivery of parcels during the exceptional situation. The new available pickup point is as close to the original pickup point as possible. The arrival notification will include a note on the changed pickup point. Because this is a service built for the state of emergency, we are unfortunately unable to change a pickup point that has already been previously changed, even if the customer calls our customer service. We apologize for any inconvenience that our customers may experience because of this.