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Customer service for private customers

Our customer service is busy due to increased parcel volume. Please check the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Customer service for private customers

See frequently asked questions about the coronavirus Read the Q&A

Ordering and guidance

0600 94320 (1,84 €/answered call + local network charge/mobile call charge) Home delivery for consumers Mon-Sat 9-16 Ordering postage stamps Mon-Fri 8-16 Ordering Nearby mailbox Mon-Fri 9-16 Guidance for parcel and letter services Mon-Fri 9-16 OmaPosti Chat ma-la 9-16 Chatbot 24/7

Easy self-service

Send a parcel or a trackable letter Order home delivery Order a nearby mailbox Stamp subscription Order cancellation

Item tracking

0600 94320 (1,84 €/answered call + local network charge/mobile call charge) Item tracking telephone and chat Mon-Sat 9-16

Easy self-service

Track an item Change item information Shipment clarification Damaged shipment (for recipient) Apply for compensation for damage (for sender)

Claims, invoicing and contract issues

+358 (0)100 85160 (local network charge/mobile call charge).

  • Claims, invoicing and contract issues Mon-Fri 9-16

  • Invoices other than those from Posti paid in OmaPosti Mon–Fri 9-16

Posti's service points

Our approximately 1,400 service points offer consumers and business customers services for sending and receiving mail and using our other services. Our Posti outlets focus on serving you and our other customers on location, so you cannot call them.

See service points and opening hours

Other contact information

See contact information

Company ID

Y-ID 1531864-4, VATreg., VAT-idFI15318644

Posti Group Corporation is registered in the trade register and its operations are subject to VAT.

Recording calls and messages

Posti Group Corporation saves calls and messages in order to ensure their content. The recordings are used to ensure the rights and legal protection of the customer and Posti Group Corporation. The recordings can also be used in in-house personnel training in order to develop customer service and improve quality. The recordings will not be used for other purposes or disclosed to parties outside Posti Group Corporation unless required by law.