Logging in to Posti’s services

Logging in to Posti’s services

The login renewal applies to all Posti’s business customers and requires customers to check their personal information and some customers to change their passwords. Please follow the instructions sent to you via email. Key details are also summarized below.

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Business user, here is what you should do

At the minimum, the renewal requires you to check your personal information. In addition, some business users have to change their passwords by the end of the renewal. Please keep an eye on any email communication sent to you by Posti.

Here’s the timeline for the renewal

Check your personal information (14.1.2021)

  1. Log in to Posti’s electronic service ID administration

  2. In the service, go to the Own information section.

  3. Check that your information is up to date. Make sure that your information includes your current, valid email address.

After checking your information, you can continue logging in to Posti’s services as before.

Identical business and consumer accounts will be merged (15.1.-17.1.2021)

If you have the same email address defined for both Posti’s consumer services (OmaPosti) and business services, your consumer and business accounts will be merged as part of the renewal. You will receive a confirmation email once your accounts have been merged. After this, you can use the same email address to log in to all of Posti’s services.

Change your password for Posti’s electronic services

Once we have migrated customer accounts to our new system, some business users will be requested to change their passwords.

If you are required to change your password, you will receive email instructions starting on 16 January 2021. You can also find the password change instructions here.

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