Invoicing and changing invoicing information

Invoicing and changing invoicing information

We issue invoices as online invoices, email invoices and printed invoices. Quick and easy, electronic invoices save time and protect the environment, and the additional fee on printed invoices doesn’t apply to them. Switch to electronic invoices to allow you more time to process your invoices. They’re also easy to archive electronically.

Did you know that in OmaPosti Pro, your company's main user can make changes to the billing address quickly and easily. Read more about OmaPosti Pro

Different invoice reception methods

  • E-invoice: Includes the invoice data and a .csv attachment, depending on the operator. You need a financial management software or service for receiving e-invoices. E-invoices require an agreement with your bank or e-invoice operator.

  • Invoice via email: We’ll deliver your invoices to your email address as an attachment (PDF). The invoice also includes the potential attachments. All you need is a valid email address.

  • Printed invoice: You can receive your invoices in paper form. For printed invoices, we’ll charge an additional fee of EUR 6.50 per invoice.

How to fill in your electronic invoicing information?

There are three ways of notifying us of your invoicing details.

  1. The fastest way to change your invoicing address is to do it yourself in OmaPosti Pro. The company’s administrator can change invoicing addresses in OmaPosti Pro’s business account quickly without queuing. The change will be valid starting from the next invoice. In the same place, you can also change your invoicing type to an e-invoice or email invoice and avoid the costs associated with paper invoices. Log in to OmaPosti Pro here.

  2. Using a Change of invoicing address form

  3. In customer information maintenance, you can edit and review your company’s invoicing addresses. Log in with Posti’s transaction codes. The changes made in the service will take effect immediately. You can obtain the transaction codes from your company’s administrator. If your company doesn’t have a transaction code, you can order it here.