P.O. Box change or termination

With this form, you can report any changes to the P.O. Box service you are using in Finland, e.g. transfer the contract to another company or request a transfer to another P.O. Box location. Except for termination, changes are subject to a charge.

The termination period of the P.O. Box service is one (1) month. Also remember to make the change of address for companies.

P.O. Box details

I want to *

Contact person and company’s contact details

Use the international format, e.g. number 019 1234567 is in the international format +358191234567
Input the Business ID in the following form: 1234567-8
Found on the invoice, a six-digit figure without zeros at the beginning

With this form we are only requesting the information we need to process the matter in question.
Read more at personal data processing at Posti.