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Our customer service is busy due to increased parcel volume. Please check the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Change of address for companies

Inform us of your change of address as soon as you know about it. When you order Posti Relocate in connection with a Posti New Address, you get day mail forwarded immediately to your new address.

Make the change of address when your company moves to a new address

  • The New Address notification is free of charge

  • We forward letter items to your new address

  • The forwarding of publications is not included in a Posti New Address

  • Change of Address information does not route parcel deliveries.

  • 1st and 2nd class letter items up to 50 grams are forwarded abroad

  • Please note that the Posti New Address service for companies does not include an address updating service for senders. Inform all senders immediately of your new address in order to ensure that mail delivery continues without interruption.

  • Please note that a company cannot have a Poste restante address and company mail cannot be forwarded to a Poste restante address.

Make the change to company address easily online

Submit company's change of address, order a Posti relocate service or submit an address notification online. In order to submit a notification you need a Finnish Business ID. If you do not have a Finnish Business ID, please see the instructions on how to submit a notification using the form at the bottom of the screen.

Posti Relocate - forward also publications to your new address

Posti Relocate is a chargeable supplementary service. With this service, Posti forwards addressed letter items, publications and advertisement arriving at the old address to the new address.

  • The duration of the contract is 12 months and it can be extended with a one-year increment.

  • 1st and 2nd class letter items up to 250 grams are forwarded abroad. Other items will be returned to the sender or handled as undeliverable items.

  • Home delivery items and parcel items are not included in the service.

  • You can order Posti Relocate handily when filling the Address Notification

Address notification - when you start a business or establish a new location

Address Notification is free of charge. Submit an address notification when you start a business, establish a new location or change the name of your company.

  • You will receive your mail to the new address

  • Does not include the forwarding of mail from the old address to the new one

Fixed-term Services - mail to the desired address or suspend the delivery

When you use fixed-term forwarding, you will receive your mail to the desired destination. You can also suspend mail delivery and we will take care the safe storage of your mail.

Fixed-term mail forwarding

  • We forward day mail for a fixed period from the permanent address to the desired address

  • After the fixed period has expired, you will receive your mail to the permanent address without a separate notification

  • The minimum order period is one week. The pricing is based on two-month periods

  • Agree on the forwarding of newspapers with the publication in question

  • 1st and 2nd class letter items up to 250 grams are forwarded abroad. Other items will be returned to the sender or handled as undeliverable items.

  • Fixed-term forwarding can be ordered to a post office box service P.O. Box address for a maximum of two months in a year.

Posti Suspend and Store

  • We will store your mail during the suspend period.

  • The minimum order period is one week and the maximum order period two months. The pricing is based on two-month periods.

  • We will return items requiring signature and other items with a notice of arrival to senders during the suspend period pursuant to the storage periods specified in our general terms of delivery or on demand of the sender.

  • When you order the service online, it will be paid in the eBank in connection with the order. If you choose a form as an order channel, you will get the bill for the service charge.

Ordering service using a form

You can also order the service using the printed form. Send the printed and filled form as a scanned .pdf attachment to this email address: Please notice that we only handle address changes in this email. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact our customer service. Address changes cannot be done by telephone.

You can also send the filled form to the following address:

Posti Ltd Address Services Helsinki P.O. Box 777 00011 POSTI