Instructions for using Posti SmartShip

In the Posti SmartShip service, you can place an order for parcel and freight services and trackable letter services. You can use the system to print all transport documents for both domestic items and items sent abroad.

You can use SmartShip through the user interface, where you enter shipment information and print shipping documents manually. You can also automate sending and printing by integrating your system with SmartShip. Integration is a paid (20€/month) service tailored to Posti by nShift.

More detailed instructions are available after logging into SmartShip.

Printing options and setup

You can print your transport documents either directly or from a PDF file. “Print PDF” is best suited for small mailer companies as transport documents will be printed one by one. “Print” means direct printing, i.e. the Unifaun Online Printer, and is meant for larger senders. Address labels and other required attachments are set to be printed by a particular printer, and there can be many channels, e.g. separate channels for printing A4 pages and stickers. There is no preview, which means that printing is quick.

You can order the address labels you need for printing from the Unifaun online store or as a materials order from Posti. Address labels for the Prinetti address label printing software can also be used in SmartShip.

Setting up printing:

Log in to SmartShip. Select the Settings tab.

Select PDF Settings. Make sure that your computer has an up-to-date PDF reader. Click Edit. You will be able to edit print destinations. Select a tab. Click to enter a value. Freight order package labels are printed in A5 size while waybills are printed in A4 size. Adjust the position of the text on the address label by modifying the vertical and horizontal alignment settings.

Select Printing Settings. You can download the Unifaun Online Printer, which is needed for direct printing, from the instructions page of the Instructions tab. Specify your printing settings, i.e. the address label type and default printer. Your computer must have the latest version of Java. There is a Java download link on the Instructions tab.