How I add a new user? How can I get permissions?

Access rights for the Posti Glue are controlled by your company's key user, who can add and change permissions for users with Posti "User management".

For the drop shipping service you need access to "Posti Glue UI".

If you have access to Posti on-line services (e.g. SmartShip), but you don't know who is the key user of your company, enter to "User management" (see link below) and select "Your details" > "Main users"

Instructions for the key user to add a new user to Posti Glue::

  • Enter to user management.

  • Select "Request a new user".

  • Select organization.

  • Input the e-mail address of the new user and click "Add". You can add more email addresses if you wish to do so.

  • Click "Next".

  • Select "Posti Glue UI" from the list.

  • Click "Next".