How to publish products?

Product information can be created by inputting manually, uploading it from a CSV or Excel file, or via the integration interface. Once you've set up your products, be sure to publish them in your reseller's product catalog. You can specify the wholesale price and availability of products on a retailer-by-retailer basis.

Upload production information from a file

Create a CSV file or Excel file where each line has one product. Note the following:

  • The first line can be a header. During the upload this helps you to map columns of your file to fields used by the Glue service.

  • Comma (,) and dot (.) are accepted as decimal separators.

  • If you use the CSV file then the field values shall be separated by semicolon (;).

  • If Excel file has multiple sheets, then the first one shall include values used for the product upload.

  • Field value to be uploaded can be reference to other field in the other sheet.

  • It is strongly NOT recommended to use calculations in the Excel as uploaded value may not be the same as it looks in the Excel due to round up of values. For example, Excel may show rounded value of price with two digits but the Glue imports non-rounded value.

  • Upload does not work if:

    • the same column name is used multiple times.

    • the same product ID is multiple times.

CSV file example

When the file is ready, follow the example (see video below) and upload it the service.

Input product information manually

You can easily create a product using the user interface of the Glue service. Go to the "Products" tab and create a product with the "Add Product" function.

Once you have saved the product information, you can publish it to your reseller by selecting the product in the product listing ("Products" tab) and pressing "Add to List". You can then choose to whom you publish the product.

Creating production information using the API

You can upload products also using API. See more information from Products API. With API you can automate, for example, stock balance updates.