How to add a new supplier?

Please watch the video below to see how you can add a new supplier. Supplier can publish product information for you once you have created the catalog.

Form fields:

"Catalog ID" any numberic string to identify the supplier. It is recommended to use business ID (without "-") or OVT-ID of the supplier.

"Catalog usage". Select "Drop shipping" for drop shipping. "Posti warehouse service" is used if your own goods are stored in Posti warehouse. "Store shipping" is selected if the service is used for in-store picking at your own stores.

"Catalog name" is description of the catalog. You can use default value or write your own description.

"Payer contract number" is a contract number for Posti parcel services.

"Reference value for invoicing Posti parcel services" is always 5 digit long number which can be used to allocate delivery costs per reference value (shown in the invoice from Posti to your company). This information is optional.

"3PL user" and "3PL password" are used in integration with Unifaun. User ID and password are API keys for Unifaun Web Services (REST) interface if delivery operator is not Posti.

"Back order allowed" Flag to identify that backorders can be sent to this warehouse.