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Publication Services

Publication Services January 1, 2020

The cost structure varies between services and is reflected in price increases of different amounts. The price increases are averages, customer-specific changes can differ from the indicated list price changes.

Magazines , price changes

- Magazine Pro +2 % - Publication +4 % - Bundle +2 % - Publication's Additional Handling +2 % - Information storage service fee +11 % - Economy Enclosure +6 % - Manual sorting additional service +2 snt - Additional services starting from March 1, 2020: see price list Price list 1.1.2020

Change of the pricing date: Magazine Pro, Publication and Bundle In the future, the pricing of services will be based on the posting day.

Service changes, Magazine Pro

- For machine-sortable items. - Structural changes to the price list; weight and batch size classes reduced and harmonized. - Delivery speed 02, usually delivered on the second weekday from posting (excluding Tuesdays) - Minimum batch size 15,000 items. - No issue frequency limitations. Price increase for publications published 1–3 times/yr. - Requires the use of the Sorting Service and advance information at an annual level, 4-state code or 2D code from Posti’s Sorting Service on the items. - Exact dimensions and technical specifications in the Guide to Machine-Sortable Items 2020. - New additional services starting from March 1, 2020: Inaccurate Advance Information and Code Error. More information in the price list.

New service as of January 1, 2020 - Economy Publication

- Suitable for all advance order magazines and newspapers. - Delivery speed 03, usually delivered on the third weekday from posting, possibly even the second weekday (excluding Tuesdays). - No batch size or publication frequency limitations. - Price increase for publications published 1–3 times per year. - Requires the provision of annual advance information - A machine-sortable item must have a 4-state code or 2D code from Posti’s Sorting Service. Guide to machine-sortable items 2020. - Fee for manually sortable publication will be 5 cent per item in addition to the delivery price. (Manual sorting additional service) - New additional services starting from March 1, 2020: Inaccurate Advance Information, Code Error and Addressed Publication Folding. More information in the price list.

Newspapers, price changes

- Daytime Publication Delivery +5% - Long-distance Publication Delivery +5% - Bundle in daytime delivery +2% (= 5.92€ per item + 0.570€ kg, price for kg decreased) - Additional fee for bundles to be opened +2,2% (= 0,1252€ per item) - Additional fee for late posting +2,2% (= 16,64€ per hour per mailing batch and depending on drop-off point) Price list 1.1.2020

General service changes, Newspapers

- The use of the Sorting Service becomes a requirement for the use of Daytime and Long-distance Publication Delivery services. - The postal code distribution must be updated every time the batch size changes +/- 10% compared to the last submitted distribution and at least every three (3) months even if the batch size has not changed. - One (1) extra unit for weighing must be added to every shipment lot for income verification.

Service changes, Daytime Publication Delivery

- Minimum batch size increased to 150 items. - Local discounts of under 1% are not saved on the agreement. - Posting in postal centers and terminal of selected local areas or directly in the preparatory delivery work location. Posting places and times are agreed through PTP.

Service changes, Long-distance Publication Delivery

- The delivery speed depends on the route and the posting place; +1 or +2 working days from the release date (according to the service area register) - Includes line haul from specified Postal centers and terminals. If you want Daytime Publication Delivery for a larger area, please request a transport quote from Posti. - Items are posted at the postal centers and terminals of selected local areas together with Daytime Publication Delivery items.

Newspaper Delivery service (12899) will be discontinued at the end of 2019

In the future, we offer the Economy Publication service as well as Publication, Daytime and Long-distance Publication Delivery and Customer Direct according to the suitability of service-specific product specifications.

Terminal shuttle

The postal centers of Helsinki, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu are the primary posting places for publications and direct mail. Magazine Pro, Publication, Economy Publication, Customer Direct and Bundle batches can be dropped off at the terminals as before, now using the new Terminal shuttle additional service which covers transport from the terminal to the closest postal center.

The service level depends on the time of dropping off the batch at the terminal. - Posting by 5 p.m.: service level +1 working day. - The service level for advance order publication batch is realized if the batch is posted by 5 p.m. one day before the date marked on the Mailing Desktop.

Printed matter transports

The increase will be based on Statistics Finland’s cost index on the road transport of goods 10/2018–10/2019 (without the fuel factor). Services: - 7390 Charter transport, basic delivery +1.8% - 10013 Delivery transport, publication +1.8% - 19370 Delivery transport publication, fixed price - 10014 Charter transport, contract-based delivery +1.8% - 19371 Charter transport, contract-based delivery, fixed price - 17762 Newsstand copy transports +1.8% - 1042 Air transport +2.2%