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Marketing services

Marketing services 1.1.2020

Price increases are averages, customer-specific changes can differ from the indicated list price changes. The factors influencing the pricing of direct marketing deliveries have been specified further.

Customer Direct, price changes

- Machine-sortable, maximum 50 g per item +5% - Machine-sortable, over 50 g per item +3% - Customer Direct, price list for machine-sortables has one new class for weight and batch size. In these sections, the price is slightly reduced from 2019. - Manually sortable items +2.5%. - Customer Direct, additional handling +2% Price list 1.1.2020

Service changes

- Delivery speed and service level specified. Items are delivered within 2–4 weekdays after posting. With the posting days (Mon, Wed, Fri) of machine-sortable items, items mailed through the Sorting Service and the items containing errorless codes, the item is often delivered on the third weekday (Thu, Mon, Wed). - The Fixed Day Delivery additional service will be discontinued on December 31, 2019 - Dimensions of enclosed items specified: Detailed information in the Guide to Machine-Sortable Items 2020. - The posting places are the postal centers of Helsinki, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu. Item drop-off at Posti terminals is possible through the Terminal shuttle service. Posting by 5 p.m., service level + one (1) week day. Product terms 1.1.2020

Create and Send (Dmmessage), price change s

- Average +5% Price list 1.1.2020

Service changes

The Create and send messages service will be replaced by a new, easy-to-use version on December 31, 2019. The new version is already available In Kontakti, under the section “Send the ready-made PDF file (new)” .

Information Service, price changes

- To all items in the price list +5% Price list 1.1.2020

Unaddressed delivery services , price changes

- Postinen media space +5% (average) - Home Direct +1.2% - Home Direct Premium + 5%

Posting times and locations

- Home Direct: Posting times and locations remain unchanged - Home Direct Premium: Posting times and locations specified