Integration with Posti’s systems

Posti SmartShip is an address label printing software offered by Posti. For more information about Posti SmartShip.

Building the EDI interface in the customer’s own WMS / ERP system

With Posti SmartShip, you can easily gain access to the electronic transfer of item information (EDI), allowing item information to be transferred electronically between Posti and the customer. You can also build electronic data transfer into your own system, where desired, in which case you need an EDI message and address labels.

Pickup point register

The pickup point register is Posti's system containing information about all our service points. The delivery types "Pick-up from a Posti Parcel Point" and "Pick-up from a postal outlet of your choice" retrieve the pickup point information from the register. The information of the pickup point selected by the consumer are transferred to us in the details of the actual item.

Instructions for Using the Pick-up Point Register's REST Interface