Online service channel for small business

We offer a wide range of online services for sending invoices and letters and receiving electronic messages.

Send parcels via our sending service.

How to activate the service

1. Identify yourself

You can identify yourself through the Signom service, using your personal online bank user ID or mobile verification. You must have the authorization to sign for the company that you want to register for Network. Identification is required as Network contains your company's electronic mailbox for receiving letters and invoices.

2. Register

Once identification is completed, you will be moved to Network registration. Read the service description, accept the terms and fill out the required information.

3. Start using the service

You are now ready to start using Network. In the future, use your e-mail and the password you have selected as the credentials for the service.

This is how the service works

Send e-invoice

Sending is easy, fast and affortable.

A service account is an easy method of payment

With a service account, you can pay for the services you use easily and conveniently. The services will be charged from your account, and you will not be sent separate invoices for the use of services. You will be assigned a service account automatically when you become a customer. The service account is a method of payment that makes it possible to also make very small one-off purchases.

You can transfer money to the service account as an online payment or bank transfer in your online bank. When making a deposit, always use the company-specific reference number; otherwise the deposit will not be visible on your service account. You can withdraw the money from the service account whenever you want: it will be paid to the bank account you have indicated within 1-2 days. The EUR 10 starting balance deposited on the account cannot be withdrawn.