Warehousing services

Boost your sales by 20% - turn fixed costs into variable costs

Improve your competitiveness 10-30% by increasing the efficiency of your supply chain. We provide tools for optimizing your facilities and improving the efficiency of your operations. You can turn all of your fixed costs into variable costs, which reduces tied-up capital and allows you to focus fully on your core business. Our in-house logistics solutions enable flexibility in the availability of resources as part of your own production operations.

We offer comprehensive solutions to suit your needs and we are prepared to work with you to develop your business further. You will also gain access to state-of-the-art technology that enables, among other things, the virtual expansion of your product range as well as quick responses to changes in volumes and seasons. Take advantage of our expertise.

Outsourcing reduces costs and offers increased opportunities

The outsourcing of warehousing or in-house logistics provides greater efficiency and cost savings to your company while also eliminating the need to assign the company's own personnel to service development. Logistics-related personnel, facility and development costs are turned from fixed costs into variable costs. You can expand your company's warehousing services with additional services, such as repackaging, seasonal and campaign work or finishing services, which reduces the need for these activities at other stages of the chain.

Posti's Glue service also makes it easy to link the outsourced warehousing services with the company's own warehouse, suppliers' warehouses, shops and online stores.