Logistics solutions

Select Posti as a logistics partner and increase your sales

Posti offers you the most extensive network in Finland, cost-effective transport and diverse warehousing services. We are your reliable partner that improves the efficiency and quality of logistics.

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Parcel Services

Posti provides you with a wide range of sending services for parcel transport.

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Freight for large goods

Choose the service that best suits you: Posti freight for  heavy and large goods or Posti Express-freight for large parcels.

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Our solutions adapt to different needs: from the warehousing of individual goods all the way to warehouse management systems. Services can be activated easily and integrated with your company's systems.

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Digital services in logistics

Posti SmartShip

Order parcel and freight transport with Posti SmartShip. You can order and manage transport services via web service. Posti SmartShip requires a transaction code for logging in. Order credentials.

Posti SmartShip

The interface description for developers

You will find the interface description https://api.posti.fi. We provide interface descriptions e.g.  item tracking, Posti SmartShip, location service and GLUE.