Target online advertising to movers with Posti’s cookie data


Display advertising on websites carried out through programmatic buying is a handy way of combining the correct target group with an advertising environment best suited to your service. Now it is possible to target online advertising to movers with the help of Posti's cookie data that is collected from websites leading to the electronic change of address notification form. The segments created of the target group are available on sale on Adform, the platform of programmatic buying.

About cookies

A cookie refers to a small text file that the Internet browser saves on the user's device when the user visits a website using cookies. A cookies contains a unique identifier that is anonymous and randomly created. The cookie does not include the user's personal data, which means an individual user cannot be identified with cookies.

How do we collect cookie data?

We collect cookie data from websites leading to the change of address notification form, which means it includes people who are actually moving. The segments created from the target group can be bought directly from Adform where you choose Posti's target audience separately and display times from one of Adform's partner pages.  This means your advertisement will only be visible on the selected page for only those who have also visited the pages leading to Posti's change of address notification form.

Using cookies always requires the user's consent. This is why Posti's website always notifies that cookies are collected and that by continuing the use, the user agrees to this. The user can find more information on the use of cookies from the website's privacy policy.