Offer your services to movers on an electronic change of address notification form

How would it sound to you if you could ask your current electricity company to contact you after filling in the change of address notification? What if you could also get an affordable home insurance and an Internet connection from the same place?

In Finland, approximately 700,000 households move every year, and up to 80% of them make the change of address notification online. Now your company has the opportunity to reach the movers already when they have dug out their online bank user IDs and are thinking about the services they need to update or renew when moving houses.

The advertising spaces or widgets on the electronic change of address notification form's confirmation page differ from regular banner advertisements in that they are elements with services that help the movers during that busy time.

Benefits of widgets

  • You will reach people who are really moving as the widgets only become visible after the change of address notification has been submitted.
  • You will improve customer retention and the service experience as it will be easy to transfer the current contract to a new address.
  • You will reach the movers just as they are contemplating services related to moving
  • Your brand's visibility among movers will increase but you only pay for the results because of our transaction-based pricing scheme.

This is how widgets work

  • The mover fills in the electronic change of address notification form for Posti and the local register office. Up to 80% of Finnish movers do their change of address notification online.
  • The confirmation page of submitting the change of address notification form will present an opportunity to handle all other services related to moving, from home insurance to electricity contract.
  • Once the mover clicks the widget, the mover can be directed to the company's online store or the mover can request for the company to contact him/her.
  • For instance, an electricity company could buy a widget that pre-fills the mover's name and telephone number from the change of address notification. As the mover clicks ‘Please contact me', the mover's data is sent to the company that can then be in touch with the mover and offer a new electricity contract.
  • It is possible to buy visibility in a certain region, which means that the widgets will be visible to those moving to the Uusimaa region, for instance.
  • Using the confirmation page of the change of address notification form as a marketing platform was tested in summer and fall 2016. The pilot was successful and the customers were extremely happy with the results.

Be the first thing your customers see

The new service will classify the widgets of service providers from different industries by industry in the confirmation page of the electronic change of address notification form. However, your company can buy additional visibility among your existing customers through a premium widget that is shown first on the confirmation page. The premium widget improves customer retention as you can talk to your existing customers in a different manner and make transferring the contract to a new address as easy as possible.

Do you want to hear more about the advertising spaces on the change of address notification page? Send us a message and we'll be in touch.

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