More detailed customer data through profiling

Profiling refers to the description of a customer base or a selected customer group that makes use of sociodemographic and geographical indicators together with a suitable comparison group to identify the special features of customers.

Profiling helps create a detailed image of what your customers are like and what features set them apart from the population or another comparison group you have selected.

Asiakkaiden profilointi

Customer profiles deepen customer understanding

Customer profiling is an excellent tool in building an overall image of your customer base and in deepening customer understanding. Detailed customer profiles facilitate the development of products, services and customer service. At the same time, customer profiles can be used when planning customer communications and marketing as well as in identifying suitable marketing target groups for new customer acquisition.

Sometimes it may be useful to target the profiling to only a restricted customer group. This makes it possible to dig deeper into, for instance, the most important customers of your business, the users of a certain service or another interested target group and plan suitable actions for these customers in specific. At the same time we see what features set the customers of the target group apart from your other customers