Postinen reaches 3.5 million consumers on the same day

Postinen enables you to reach all Finns with advertisement - positive attitudes every Monday and Wednesday. It is an excellent channel for promoting sales campaigns, launching products and increasing your company's visibility. By advertising in Postinen, you can attract new customers to your shop or online store. Postinen is expected, well read, extremely cost-efficient and produces trade.

Postinen is the largest print medium in Finland

The four-page Postinen is based on research and its contents have been designed to suit the wishes of consumers. 3.5 million Finnish people receive Postinen twice a week; of these people, 3 million notice it and 2.1 read its contents*

Postinen contains topical information on Posti and Posti’s services, as well as entertaining material. Advertisement space in Postinen is for sale on all pages. Look prices and more information from Media Card. Order media space in Kontakti web service.

*Source: Postinen’s attention value surveys 2017, IRO Research & Posti

Postinen's layout