Reach entire Finland with unaddressed direct marketing

With unaddressed delivery, or Home Direct, you can reach both households and companies. Your message will be delivered with day mail to more than two million mail slots. Your message will get excellent attention. Perfect for advertisements, coupons and product samples as well as free distribution papers. An affordable way to reach the households and companies in the entire country or a certain area. Target at Finnish or Swedish-speaking households or one-family houses. Home Direct is delivered with Postinen.

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Case Budget Sport

As the media industry is disintegrating, Budget Sport needed to find new ways of reaching consumers extensively throughout Finland. Budget Sport's solution was to add a monthly direct marketing mail in all their areas of operation.

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Why do we track direct marketing?

Mainonnan kiinnostavuus ja mainonnan estäminen (‘Interest value of advertising and advertising bans', 2015), those interested in an unaddressed printed direct marketing campaign n=1,408

Home Direct