Target your message at families with children

Why are families with children an important target group for a marketer?

Each change in life from the birth of a new child to growing up and moving to your first new home creates needs: the need to acquire insurances, strollers, a larger and safer car, clothes, books, electronics, phone subscriptions, hobby or sports supplies or, for instance, trips abroad. Reach the parents of babies, children in daycare, first graders or graduates and their families with the help of Posti's customer data. Posti's customer data services use the databases of Posti's address register, Population Information System (VTJ) and Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi).

You can choose the target audience according to your needs and use the following criteria, among others:

  • Number and gender of children
  • The age of the youngest or oldest child
  • First language
  • Type or floor area of current home

Life situations and moments of purchase of families with children:

You can also limit the target audience by geographic area or make use of ready classifier information.

A few examples:

  • Well-paid settled families with children
  • Families with children who live in sparsely populated areas
  • One-parent households with average income