Reach the desired target groups

Get up-to-date consumer contacts for marketing and communications.

Enhance the efficiency of your marketing by targeting your activities to the correct target groups. We will help you define and select the suitable consumers for your company. We can also provide you with the material and delivery service for your targeted campaign.

Posti's customer data services use the databases of Posti's mail address register, Population Information System (VTJ) and Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi). You can select the targeting criteria, background information and regions according to your needs. We also have data related to demographics, life situation, housing and cars available. The conzoom® classification will help in creating customer segments. Posti helps you reach every Finn.

Target groups for the needs of your marketing: families with children, senior citizens, movers, builders, those who have a summer cottage, those who own a motorcycle and many others.

Addressed direct marketing targets your message with amazing precision and creates even better results. Contact us and request a quote!

Choose the correct target group with Kontakti

  • Vehicle and driver's license holders from Trafi, also for telemarketing.
  • The Movers target group and moving information in advance. Posti is the only player in the market able to provide change of address information already before the move actually takes place.
  • Marketing to families with children. Reach the parents of babies, children in daycare, first graders or graduates and their families with the help of Posti's customer data.
  • Occupational and hobby target groups, such as doctors, forest owners or fishing enthusiasts.
  • Conzoom ® classification into consumer segments, includes Finnish population structure, the socio-economic situation of households, consumers' behavior and attitudes.

You can use the Kontakti tool that calculates the size and the price of the target group immediately. You can experiment with extraction with different criteria and quantities. You can see the price of different options immediately.

Keep your customer data up-to-date with updating services. Also don't forget to check our services on updating your register and enriching customer data with classifiers.