Rating models

Rating models are used to rank customers or other target groups through a rating produced by a statistical model

The rating is usually used for selecting a marketing campaign’s target group. External data can be widely used in the rating, which means your company’s most potential customers can be identified from the entire Finnish population.

Asiakkaiden pisteytys

Target your marketing resources to potential target groups

We recommend using the rating whenever you are using targeted marketing. Rating models work extremely well is you want to reach a special target group:

  • Those interested in a certain product or service
  • People who are like your best customers

When you can't use your own customer database for selecting a target group in new customer acquisition, we recommend targeting with the help of the rating model. Posti's available, diverse data sources ensure that we can identify the best customer potential from the entire population. Targeting also ensures that marketing messages are not sent to groups who will not find the product or service useful or who you don't wish to reach.