Sending annually more than 1 million Economy Standard Letters?

If your company sends more than 1 million Economy Standard Letters per year through Posti's delivery, you can get a volume discount on the price of the Economy Standard Letters sent.

Annual volume discount is calculated on the basis of the volume of Economy Standard Letters submitted to Posti within one calendar year

Discount table

The annual volume discount levels are shown in the table below.

Annual volume
(Million letters)


Annual volume
(Million letters)

20 10.0 7 6.0
18 9.5 6 5.5
16 9.0 5 5.0
14 8.5 4 4.0
12 8.0 3 3.0
10 7.5 2 2.0
9 7.0 1 1.0
8 6.5

If your company uses an external mailer who pays the invoice of your Economy Standard Letters, Posti will give the discount to your mailer. The information on your company's mailing Posti gives to the mailer is limited to the level of the annual volume discount.

Customers sending more than 1 million Economy Standard Letters

Please fill out the form below so Posti can determine your annual volume discount. Only on your own notice, we can make sure that the discount is based on your company's annual total volume.

All information you provide on this form will be treated as confidential and will only be used to determine the discount and to allocate it.