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Price and product terms changes to the contract services of Posti Ltd June 1, 2018
The key changes, Letter services:
- The prices for domestic letters will increase by 6% on average. The price changes are service-specific and payment method-specific.
- The prices for international letters and valuable items will increase by 10%.
- The prices for the Maxi Size additional services will increase by 10%.
- The Maxi Size additional service can only be linked to domestic and international Priority letters.
- The Maxi Size Economy Reply Mail Item is renewing and will be replaced with other delivery methods, read more.
The price change does not concern domestic valuable items, direct marketing services and receiving services (for example, P.O. Box). The prices for the Parcel Services will not change.

Archived documents for contract customers

The following documents that were valid on 1 July 2017 and since

  • General Contract Terms for Corporate Customers
  • Product Terms for Letter Services for Contract Customers and
  • Tariffs and Rates of Contract Services

are available on the archive page.