Pre-Paid Envelope

Simplify your mailing routines

Your contact details and required payment indications are printed on the Pre-Paid Envelope. If your mailing volumes vary or your company operates in multiple locations, the Pre-Paid Envelope is a really convenient option.

Just slip the letter into the envelope and mail it.

  • The price of Pre-Paid Envelope is based on the postage fees and the printing and the material of envelopes.
  • You will get an envelope with a suitable logo and print for your company.
  • Items can be dropped off at a Posti outlet or in a mailbox. You don't need to make a separate mailing list.
  • Domestic and international mailings have their own Pre-payed envelopes. Pre-payed envelope abroad includes worldwide postal fee.
  • You can select from several good envelope and packaging options from the Envelope store


Models and price list

Check out Pre-payed envelope models and price list

Do you have any questions?

Ask about Pre-payed envelopes and ordering them:

E-mail orders

You can also submit an order by e-mail. Processing fee for e-mail orders is EUR 10,00/item. If the envelope store is out of use due to a system failure, we will not charge a processing fee for orders placed by e-mail.

Information required for the order:

  • Customer account number
  • Delivery address
  • Invoicing address
  • Product and service level (Economy/Priority/Express)
  • Amount
  • Colors
  • Additional information regarding the product, such as weight class, envelope size, size of the window
  • Contact information of the person placing the order
  • Envelope type (see the product catalogue)

Submit the order to the envelope manufacturer by e-mail