Efficient tools for mailing publications

The best solution for delivering a publication is achieved through cooperation between the publisher, the mailer company and Posti. We offer you tools for planning mailings, providing advance information and automating preparatory work. In addition, you receive clear, service-specific mailing instructions.

Publication services are best suited for publications that are published irregularly and have small delivery volumes. Bundle and unitize publication batches according to the instructions (not applicable to batches consisting of less than 100 items) or purchase Additional Handling to avoid doing bundling yourself.

Planning of the Free Distribution Paper delivery

With Kontakti, you can plan the delivery of your publication by postal code area, too. The tool shows the number of households in the area chosen, among other things.

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Mailing publications abroad

Publications are mailed abroad either as Priority letters or as Economy letters. The Consignment service is also suitable for mailing larger batches.

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