Printing of address labels with Posti SmartShip

Posti SmartShipis suitable for the needs of companies of all sizes. Software designed for printing address labels will ensure convenient and quick handling of outgoing postal items at your company.The software facilitates the rapid printing of address labels and mailing lists acting as sender's receipts for almost all domestic and international transport services.

Free of charge for your company

It is easy to start using Posti SmartShip. You can download the software from the Internet and install it, guided by clear instructions.

Printer for your use

Printing of transport documents can be done directly from the SmartShip subscription channel. Order your transport document printer by using the form.

EDI message for further benefits

When using parcel services, information between your company and Posti travels as an EDI message via the Internet. Using this EDI message, you will be able to utilise e.g. an electronic advice of arrival and receive parcel status information as an EDI message directly to your Posti SmartShip printing software. Electronic delivery note also available for valuable items.