Weights and dimensions of express freight

   Rolltainer  Special pallet  EUR pallet  FIN pallet  Furniture pallet *) 
 Gross weight max.    250 kg  500 kg  1 000 kg 1 000 kg   1 000 kg
 Dimensions:length x width

81 x 63 cm

80 x 60 cm 
120 x 80 cm
120 x 100 cm
200 x 80 cm
Height 210 cm 210 cm 240 cm 240 cm 240 cm

*) Furniture pallets can be used for Posti Express Freight Evening 21 service in Finland only.

Home delivery (Evening 21) requires unobstructed access to the destination. The recipient is responsible for arranging adequate protective coverage on the floors. For delivery to the recipient's apartment, the weight of an individual item in the transport unit may not exceed 85 kg. Items weighing more than 80 kg will be unloaded at a location indicated by the recipient, in the immediate vicinity of Posti´s vehicle.