Price benefit for machine-sortable items

When you are planning an item - for example, the appearance of an envelope - please follow Posti's service-specific requirements for machine processing. These requirements are introduced in the Machine-sortable items guide. Download the renewed guide.

Machine-sortable items move quickly through the various stages of processing and are delivered to the recipient on schedule and in the correct form. Furthermore, you can save on postage fees: Your letters are transported affordably as Standard letters and advertisements cost-effectively as Customer Directs.

What kinds of items can be sent as machine-sortable items?

Envelopes and postcards

  • Envelopes sealed on all four sides that may contain content such as credit cards and member cards
  • A5 and A4 sized cards without envelopes
  • Self-mailers
  • The item must be rectangular in shape, we recommend that you use standard envelope sizes (C6, C5, C4)

Items wrapped in plastic

  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Multi-page brochures
  • Also items in landscape orientation
  • The items may contain various kinds of cards (e.g. credit cards and membership cards)
  • The item must be rectangular in shape

Items without plastic covering

  • Magazines
  • Tabloid publications (machine-folded, tested always separately)
  • Catalogs
  • Multi-page brochures

What kinds of items cannot be sent as machine-sortable items?

Machine-sortable items may not contain hard or inflexible objects such as paper clips, keys, coins, compact discs, pens, hard-shelled samples of cosmetics, etc. These types of items must be sorted manually. Also when the measurements, form or flexibility of the item differ from the product features defined for machine-sortable products, the product must be manually sorted.

This is how you can ensure that your item is machine-sortable
Read the designing guide carefully and make a sample. Send the sample to us and we will test your item’s suitability for machine sorting:

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