Instructions for sending letters and direct mail

Letters and valuable items

With the help of these mailing instructions you secure directing letter items to the right handling process of Posti.

See service-specific mailing instructions of letters and of valuable items.

Payment and mailing methods

Choose the suitable payment method on the basis of the number of items or the desired service level.

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Laboratory samples

The correct package provides information on the contents, but also remember to mark the item's classification.

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Payment indications

The payment indication is the stamp on your item.

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Instructions for direct mail

Addressed delivery
Mailing instructions for Customer Direct

Unaddressed delivery
Mailing instructions for Home Direct and Home Direct Premium

Machine-sortable items

Service is suitable for items meeting the requirements set for dimensions, weight, shape, color and contents of machine sortable items. Standard-sized envelopes are always suitable for the mechanical handling.

Machine-sortable items